11th Aug, 2022

What is a Micro-School?

Happy Healthy Juniors Micro School, East Dorset 

A few weeks ago I returned back to a mainstream classroom for the day. It was great! I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and spending some time with a whole class of children. It made it even more special being able to bring new tools into the classroom such as mindfulness, gratitude, breathwork, and growth mindset. The feedback was truly encouraging! 

Did I consider returning to the classroom? 

It crossed my mind. But I also love home schooling, I love tutoring, and I love coaching children. Basically, my passion is teaching children and helping them boost their inner creativity, curiosity, health and happiness. It then dawned on me. I think it’s time to open a micro-school. 

What is a Micro-School? 

A micro-school is a form of schooling made up of classes that are much smaller, usually between 5-10 children with mixed age ability. Teaching is bespoke and this usually takes place in the comfort of a home environment. Being a smaller group provides more possibilities. Firstly, more learning gets done in a smaller amount of time with less distractions. This means that the time that the children are in school is more focused, which leaves more time for children to build stronger family relationships. Children also have more time for free play and more opportunities to explore their interests and passions in their own time. A micro-school provides more of a personalised education and better equips children for their future. This method of education is free from standardised testing and compulsory curriculum. 

Why do children benefit more from a Micro-School?

A micro-school provides a curriculum that fits the needs and interest of the child. Pupils receive far more individualised attention than they would in a traditional school. There are more opportunities in selecting projects and following the direction of the children’s passions. This naturally creates an inspiring and exciting classroom environment.

A qualified teacher can then merge mathematical and scientific concepts, critical thinking and corporative learning into the lessons. Exploring language, literacy and communication skills and meanwhile, encouraging children to become open minded and curious learners. 

What sets our Micro-School apart?

I have experience working with children aged from 6 months to 16 years. Since having children of my own, I started to learn more about how to truly support a whole, well rounded child. I believe that by strengthening the foundations for all children and surrounding them with healthy behaviours, habits and teaching them life skills, we can lift the lid off of their learning and provide them with opportunities of unlimited achievements and successes.

English and Mathematics are exciting subjects to teach, especially when they are taught in an imaginative and creative way. They are essential skills and important subjects to learn. However, I believe nutrition is just as important, as is breathwork, gratitude, a growth mindset, art, science, movement, nature and all other subjects that boost children’s creativity, curiosity, health, happiness and wellbeing. This is why I use a cross-curricular and holistic approach to education, making the teaching extremely powerful and more engaging. 

There is overwhelming evidence to show that children starting full time education later, provides better wellbeing and academic performance. We are opening our classroom on a trial basis, every Monday morning for children between the ages 5-8 years, from 9:30am to 11:30am. The duration of these classes are 2 hours, which brings it closer in line with the research and allows a smoother transition for children moving into formal education. Parents will have the opportunity to supplement creative and playful learning through home education, with guidance and regular communication.

I am excited to offer this holistic and creative alternative education from Happy Healthy Juniors. To find out more, you are welcome to attend our open morning on Monday the 5th of September, and join our discounted trial term.

For further information, please contact [email protected]

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