1st Jul, 2023

Summer Bundle

The Happy Healthy Juniors Summer Bundle is here!

Summer is the season for exploration, adventure, and learning new things. It’s the perfect time for children to try something new and experience cross-curricular education that can be both fun and rewarding. We have had so much fun at our micro-school with this summer bundle. Our bundle combines a variety of subjects, designed to enrich children’s education in a meaningful way. Children from 4 years up to 9 years old have loved this bundle!

Engaging Letter

As always we started off with a letter from a friend, Sammy the Seashell. During the week, Sammy had left a variety of natural summer treasures in the micro-school garden for the children to find. 

We started off each session with an engaging scavenger hunt. One of the mornings the children found a variety of shells to identify, sort and collect data. They also found stones to make a super sundial, taking advantage of the bright sunny days! 


One of the highlights of the summer bundle was the opportunity to express their love of the summer through a variety of art. They loved each and every activity and spent time and effort on each piece of work. We regularly display their work on our wall of art inside our home, but this week was tough. There were so many incredible pieces of art! Our hallway had simply been brought to life with the beautiful, summery, colourful art the children have created. Lucky us!

The Truth About My Unbelievable Summer….

My Truth About My Unbelievable Summer… was a great story to inspire the children’s writing. With a choice of writing opportunities the children used their imagination to bring their stories to life or simply make a list of  their most outrageous summer wishes, there was lots of laughter, giggles  and great stories! 

This has been a wonderful Summer Project so far and although the children have different interests and skills, seasons are always a great topic that can brings everyone together. The summer bundle  has been carefully curated to include a collection of materials that can appeal to all. The bundle includes books, sheet, ideas, templates, videos, and other materials that cover subjects such as nutrition, creative writing, math, nature, and art.

In conclusion, our Happy Healthy Juniors Summer Bundle is the perfect way to keep children engaged, entertained, and educated during the summer months. We hope that it will inspire your children to explore new subjects, get creative, and continue to learn and grow. Happy summer!

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