Micro-School, Kingston 

We are excited to announce the launch of our Kingston-Upon-Thames Happy Healthy Juniors Micro-School opening in September 2023!

We offer an innovative and creative alternative education for children aged 5 – 8 years old. Classes are kept small, teaching is bespoke and this all takes place in the comfort of a home to home environment.

At our micro-school we provide children with the relevant skills and tools they need to learn without barriers. In a healthy & safe environment, children are nurtured and nourished where they have the opportunity to flourish! 

Every child is unique and at Happy Healthy Juniors we adapt the curriculum to fit the child’s needs and interest.  Children learn and grow in a personalised and creative setting. They can embrace limitless potential and find their identity and purpose. 

We lift the lid off children’s learning and provide an environment rich with inspiration, passion, respect, gratitude, kindness, resilience, and a growth mindset.

“My daughter is absolutely loving the micro school sessions for home educated children. It’s such a relaxed atmosphere and nothing is too much trouble. It’s definitely the setting we’ve been looking for.”

What we offer? 

At Happy Healthy Juniors children learn how to learn, not what to learn. Real life experiences are vital for children’s education, this is where they can connect the dots. Within these experiences they will learn mathematical and scientific concepts, explore language, literacy and communication skills, become an open minded and curious learner.  As we explore new projects, we will cover a range of the core subjects. 

Nature is an essential part of our micro-school and much of the learning will take place outdoors. 

We provide a termly report, personalised learning journal and regular opportunities for communication. 

For more information about what a Micro-School is click on the link here.

For more information about our Open Day please contact Lucy Terrell at [email protected].

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