An Alternative Education 

At Happy Healthy Juniors we are proud to offer an alternative education.

I can’t rate Healthy Happy Juniors high enough. It’s our favourite class to go to. The sessions are always inclusive and are packed with lots of different types of learning. It’s set in the most friendly and welcoming home style environment. Seran is an incredible teacher and such a warm nurturing person who brings out the best in the children

Our approach to education helps children develop all their skills. A child’s environment, level of comfort, and sense of belonging are just as important as their grades.

That is why we are proud to offer the following service in East Dorset:

Our education goes far beyond academic performance. It focuses not just on developing a student’s mind, but their entire being: their bodies, senses, feelings, thoughts, relationships and environment.

As a result, a holistic approach to education supports:

  • The ability to think critically 
  • The ability to understand different perspectives
  • A love for learning
  • A better understanding of the world around them 
  • Greater respect for others and their opinions 
  • Improved communication skills 
  • More confidence in themselves and their abilities 
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing 
  • And many more 

In this hub children will learn the art of mathematics, reading, writing, art and creative expression, fun science, nature, nutrition, connection, communication and wellbeing. A place to open their minds and become the curious learner and leader that nature intended. 




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