Seran Eves

Welcome to Happy Healthy Juniors website. I’m so happy you are here.

My name is Seran Eves, Founder of Happy Healthy Juniors, Education Consultant, Teacher & Lifelong Learner. But most importantly I am a mother of two incredible, bouncy boys!

I hope you enjoy exploring our website where you will find a variety of services and resources to help boost children’s creativity, health and happiness.

“Seran is such a wonderful warm person who cares so much about creating something to really support kids learning and development. I love her holistic and creative approach and couldn’t recommend her and happy healthy juniors more.”


  • Qualified Primary School Teacher
  • Judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted
  • Children’s Wellbeing Coach
  • Honorarium for impact in Early Years
  • Senior Leader
  • Early Years Specialist
  • Science & Computing Coordinator
  • Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher
  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
  • Diploma in Child Nutrition
  • Paediatric First Aider
  • Homeschool Mum of two boys

Our Journey 

Seran Eves originally founded Happy Healthy Tots after having her first child Luca. He developed severe eczema and multiple allergies at around 3 months old. In her quest to heal Luca, she discovered how the internal and external environment can have a detrimental effect on children’s mental and physical wellbeing. As Seran made big changes to her families life, her second son Reis joined the family with no eczema or allergies, after being told the risk was very high.

Not only is Seran dedicated to help heal her son Luca but her vision is to inspire a generation of happy, healthy children ready to take on life with valuable tools and skills. Education is about learning but today, in the UK, the education system is failing in every measure. From academic performance to unnecessary curriculums. Children are innate learners, when they are happy, in a safe and healthy environment true learning begins.

Seran believe that by strengthening the foundations for all children and surrounding them with healthy behaviours and habits we can support them with the best opportunities with unlimited achievements.

Post motherhood, Seran started this journey with a focus on nutrition and early years and it was soon discovered that education is about learning about life not just one narrow focus…this is about the whole child and their families. 

Happy Healthy Tots started with very small Wellbeing Classes in Seran’s garden. Children and parents loved the classes and interest grew for all age groups.

Happy Healthy Juniors was created and Seran increased services offered; After School Wellbeing Clubs, in School Intervention Groups, Nursery & Preschool Groups, Private Wellbeing Classes & Parties to 1:1 Wellbeing Coaching, Private Tutoring, HHJ Micro-School and Supportive Workshops for Parents and Educators.

Seran now homeschools her own children and now focuses on the following services:

  • Happy Healthy Juniors Micro-School, East Dorset
  • Private Tutoring
  • 1:1 Wellbeing Coaching
  • Workshops for Parents & Educators
  • Curriculum Creator

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in any of the following services.

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