Schools & Nurseries

For schools and nurseries we provide Yoga & Wellbeing workshops and targeted intervention support.

EYFS & KS1 The children are captivated as they follow a magical adventure through storytelling, music, yoga poses, art, the beauty of nutrition through mindful food tasting, relaxation or mediation. They are kept active and engaged through a fun and exciting journey. Each session includes learning to experience being in a calm, peaceful and mindful space, where the children use a variety of creative tools to express freely and self explore.

KS2 The children learn in a playful and enjoyable way to develop focus, build on self confidence and boost their health, wellbeing and physical development. The classes include various breathing techniques to manage different emotions, relaxation to calm busy minds and young nervous systems, storytelling, non religious yoga poses, the beauty of nutrition through mindful food tasting, art and different games. Once techniques have been learnt they can be used anywhere at anytime to help them cope with various challenges. Above all, it is super fun!

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