14th Jun, 2023

Italy | Around the World Bundle




Let your children travel with their imagination to Italy! With our collection of Italy inspired activities they will learn about the country, culture, language, food and have an incredible amount of fun!
Subjects that are included in the 56 page product are:
⭐️ Learning Italian
⭐️ Fresco Art
⭐️ inspiring Quote
⭐️ Arts & Crafts
⭐️ Creative Writing & Handwriting
⭐️ Mathematics
⭐️ Nutrition
⭐️ Nature
⭐️ Reflection
⭐️ Inspirational Artist Leonardo Da Vinci
Also Included:
⭐️ Passport, Stamp and Boarding Pass Templates
⭐️ Printable Resources
⭐️ Links to videos
⭐️ Book Recommendations
How To Use
1. Read through the content, activity information, resources and book suggestions
2. Select the activities you want to use
3. Prepare resources
4. Begin with the engaging letter from Pirate Pete and find out where you will be flying!

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