16th Apr, 2023

Growth Mindset




This Growth Mindset Cross-Curricular Bundle will help your children boost their confidence, wellbieng and develop a range of skills through engaging resources, fun activities and play.


This curriculum includes activities to help children learn, practice, and implement important life skills like gratitude, growth mindset, and positive thinking.


Subjects That are Included in the Product are:

⭐️ Positive Habits

⭐️ Journaling

⭐️ Writing

⭐️ Art

⭐️ Crafts

⭐️ Wellbeing


Also Included:

⭐️ Printable Resources

⭐️ Links to videos

⭐️ Book Recommendations


How To Use

1. Read through the content, activity information, resources and book suggestions

2. Select the schedule that best fits your diary

3. Select the activities you want to use

4. Prepare resources

5. Begin with your first challenge!

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