Phonics: Single Letter Sounds

Flora the Phonics Flamingo and Seran are on a quest to help children learn their initial phonics sounds in a fun, active and engaging way. 

Each video begins with a guessing game to find out which sound we will be learning about; will the clue be in Flora’s beak or will she be acting something funny out? Once we have found out the sound, you and your child will be encouraged to find as many words as you can beginning with the initial sound. We will share what we have found and then look at what the letter and sound looks like. This will inspire multisensory ideas for children to begin letter formation. Finally, a repetitive tune to encourage us all to create a song with a word of your choice. 

Phonics is a great way of teaching children how to read confidently and skillfully. The first 3 sets of phonics will help children recognise the sound that each individual letter makes and looks at how we can blend these sounds together from left to right. Children can then use their knowledge to decode simple words that they hear or see. This is a wonderful way of introducing children to reading and writing!

Decoding is only one element of learning how to read confidently. Vocabulary and background knowledge are important skills. When learning with Flora we learn how to become an independent learner through exploration, sharing knowledge through language, skills and expressing ourselves creatively. And most importantly it is a great opportunity to spend time together, strengthening your relationship. 

We are very excited to be part of your journey. What an incredible experience, watching and sharing your child’s first few steps of learning to read and write. Please keep a record with photos and a diary, what an incredible memory for you both!

For the full letter set jump straight to the discounted bundle, or if your child just needs a little support with a few of the letters then choose whichever set suits your child best.

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