30th May, 2023

Our Favourite Books to Read in May 

We have read so many amazing books this month and it’s been tricky to narrow it down to just 3, but here are our favourite books to read in May! 

Our Favourite Chapter Book 

Better Together by Kallie George

This is one of four seasonal books and this month we have been enjoying Ferwood Forest in spring.

This is a charming chapter book, perfect for read aloud, as it covers some sensitive topics. Mona the mouse (main character) lost her parents at a young age and has always been on her own. Mona finds a new home and her journey is full of bravery, kindness, friendship, hard choices, celebrations and life experiences. Even though there are some serious topics which raised interesting conversations, the book is very well written; encouraging bravery rather than fear. This is a well loved series in our family! 

Our Favourite Picture Book

Not That Pet by Smriti Halls

One of our topics at Micro-School this month was Pets. It was such a popular topic and if there was an award for ‘best (most funniest) book’ this would have won hands down! There was lots of anticipation and it had the children in fits of giggles as Mabel and her family decide which pet to get! 

We had so much fun with the our Pet topic this month at Micro-School. I have taken my planning (with the children’s input), tidied it up and uploaded it onto our website for you. This is a perfect bundle for the summer holidays or end of school fun AND it covers a range of subjects for 4-8 years! Perfect for outdoor excitement! Take a look –  Pet Bundle! 

Our Favourite Non-Fiction Book

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak

I LOVE this book (the children liked it too)! I was looking for a child-friendly version of The Whole Brain Child and this is perfect. My eldest, Luca, has always been really drawn to the adult book and we talk a lot about growth mindset but this is a book children can understand. A great book to learn about the human brain. 

Not That Pet by Smriti Halls is recommended alongside our  Pet Cross-Curricular Creative Bundle.

So here they are, our favourite books to read in May! We hope they have inspired you!

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