When I first started running Yoga & Wellbeing classes at my home I wanted to stimulate children’s senses, but it had to be as natural and as safe as possible. I spent a long time searching for the right essential oils as it was clear that many oils were not pure. I was introduced to doTERRA and haven’t looked back since. They are the purest oils on the market with the highest quality potency. I completely trust the oils with my whole family and with all the children I support. Children and parents are constantly drawn to the oils and always want to know more. Children are always telling me how calm they make them feel and they love the smells. We LOVE the oils and are a wonderful additional to our low toxic living and we just want to share this incredible product with amazing benefits with as many families as possible!


Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted from seeds, bark, flowers, fruits, stems and roots of a plant. The essential oil is what gives each plant its distinctive smell and more importantly acts as the plants defence system, which makes them incredibly powerful and healing.

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