Online Creative Curriculum

Our fun, educational bundles are inspired by the creative curriculum we use at our Micro-School in Dorset, for children aged 5-8 years of age. The curriculum is flexible and can be adapted for all primary school aged children. 

Each guide can work at your child’s own pace. Our approach makes it flexible and if your child is showing a particular passion in an area, why not explore for longer? This is where we can help children find their spark of ‘genius’ and reveal their true potential!  

Our Online Creative Curriculum Bundles provide a topic guide, exciting ideas, PDF resources, links to videos & recommendations and letters from friends that children will cherish! Our growing Creative Curriculum Bundles currently includes:

  • Sunflower Bundle
  • Trees & Seasons Bundle
  • Perfect Pumpkin Bundle
  • Thank You Autumn Bundle
  • Imagination Bundle
  • Polar Animals Bundle
  • Valentine’s Bundle
  • Moon Bundle
  • Winter Bundle
  • and Spring Bundle COMING SOON.

As well as our growing library of Creative Bundles, Seran Eves runs an online workshops for parents and teachers at the end of each half term.

Our next Workshop will be on The Art of Mathematics on Sunday 16th April 2023 at 8pm GMTWe will cover….

  • The foundations of mathematics
  • Mathematical mindset
  • Inspiring mathematics through art, problem solving and investigation

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