29th Apr, 2023

Build Positive Habits for Success

Positive habits are behind many great life skills and successes. I wish I knew this as a child. This should be part of the education system. Positive habits can build strong foundations for maintaining these habits throughout their life. How do we build positive habits for success? I have created a 27 page FREE Positive Habits Bundle to use as a curriculum add-on or to just use as a life long tool to help. It’s for all ages (even grown ups)!

Supporting children’s social and emotional skills are one of my priorities at home and in the classroom. There has been many occasions when my planning has been thrown out of window in order to secure those foundations first. And it makes a huge difference! And so I want to share some resources I have used in the past.

There is growing evidence that show social and emotional skills lead to positive attitudes, prosocial behaviour, and improved wellbeing and academic performance. 

This bundle will help children boost their confidence, wellbeing and develop a range of skills. It is packed full of engaging resources, fun activities and play.

It includes activities to help children learn, practice, and implement important life skills like gratitude, growth mindset, and positive thinking.

I hope you enjoy using the bundle together!

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