24th Aug, 2023

Autumn Bundle

The Happy Healthy Juniors Autumn Bundle is here!

The autumn season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing for the new academic year! Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a home educating parent, there’s always something exciting about the start of a fresh season. If you want to get kids excited about learning that there is n better way to begin than with our autumn cross curriculum bundle?

This autumn bundle has been carefully designed to cover a variety of subjects and topics, all while keeping the autumn season in mind.

Engaging Letter

As always, we introduce the topic with a letter from some friends, either The Autumn Gnome or Orlando the Orange. The children are always incredibly excited to find out what their friends have left for them. What kid doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?

The bundle includes books, sheet, ideas, templates, videos, and other materials that cover subjects such as nutrition, creative writing, math, nature, and art.

I can’t wait to get the children playing the fun, autumn maths games, the children will love the activities. From leaf jumping number games to a variety of autumn maths activities, it’s not your typical maths class.

Autumn Art

One of the highlights is always art. From making autumn clay decorations to painting inspiring autumn art, I always like to keep the arts to finish the session. It’s a beautiful part of the lesson to relax, calm, reflect and express.

The Leaf Thief

The Leaf Thief was a hilarious and hugely popular story last year at micro-school. And it will have to be included this year as well, but this time the book will be used to inspire the children with their creative writing! I can’t wait to hear their unique and imaginative story ideas.

I loved the Autumn project last year and I can’t wait to begin again this year. With a mix of tried and tested activities to brand new ones we are excited to share this with more families and teachers. The autumn bundle  has been carefully curated to include a collection of materials that can appeal to all.

In conclusion, our Happy Healthy Juniors Autumn Bundle is the perfect way to keep children engaged, entertained, and educated during the autumn months. We hope that it will inspire your children to explore new subjects, get creative, and continue to learn and grow. Happy Autumn!

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