25th Sep, 2022

Sunflowers Creative Writing

For this creative writing activity children are asked to write an account of the day in the life of a sunflower.

For the warm up, the children are asked to think of words to describe a sunflower of their choice.

They can go ahead and use their words in the main activity. For the main activity the children are asked to:  *write in the first person *describe where they are *describe how their day begins *explain what happens during the day *describe the end of the day *use their senses.


FIRST PERSON: Write as though you are the sunflower. Use the ‘I’ pronoun (or me, my, mine, we, our, ours, us). PERSONIFICATION: Describing the sunflower as it is a person e.g. I played hide and seek with the sun!

ADJECTIVES: A word that describe a NOUN.

ADVERB: A word that describes a VERB.

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