18th Sep, 2021

Acceptance is My Superpower by Alicia Ortego

We are all different. And whilst children are often wonderful at accepting differences easily, there are times when a lack of understanding can result in hurtful words or actions. A wonderful book to teach children that differences are not flaws but are, in fact, our super powers!

Lisa learns the true meaning of diversity and how it can be applied to everyone.

To support Alicia Ortego, and purchase your very own copy of the book, click the link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acceptance-Superpower-childrens-Diversity-Equality/dp/B09244W5XY/ref=pd_sbs_7/259-0440517-3477966?pd_rd_w=Htu1L&pf_rd_p=a3a7088f-4aec-4dbd-97cc-9a059581fe7b&pf_rd_r=KPY2TSMAFV1A663JYKKH&pd_rd_r=96520be5-da79-4083-90c4-85dfa61bd695&pd_rd_wg=CYybi&pd_rd_i=B09244W5XY&psc=1

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