Boosting Children’s Creativity, Health & Happiness

Welcome to Happy Healthy Juniors. An alternative, holistic, and creative education, designed to support children’s limitless potential.

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At our Micro-Schools we follow a creative and personalised curriculum. Children unearth their passions & talents, build confidence & kindness, have the opportunity to practice their own spiritual values, embrace their natural curiosity & creativity, and continue to be life long critical thinkers and learner.

And all of this takes place in a relaxed, home environment. Perfect for home educated children.

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Creative Bundles

Take a look at our library of Cross-Curricular Creative Bundles. You will find a variety of topics that merge different subjects and learning opportunities in a fun and engaging way! Each topic includes

  • A flexible plan
  • Exciting ideas and simple activities
  • PDF resources
  • Book and video recommendations
  • An engaging letter to spark the children’s imagination!

Private Tutoring

Our alternative learning approach means children develop the skills they need through a creative, fun and relaxed environment. We provide private tuition for all Primary School subjects.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

“Cannot recommend Seran enough. Over the course of 4 years, she has helped my three children so much. Her creative, nurturing and active approach to learning is outstanding and she really makes sure she understands the child as an individual and works with this to unlock their learning potential. I’ve seen such a growth in all three of my very different children thanks to Seran.”

“Happy Healthy Juniors are amazing. My children have been seeing Seran privately for tutoring, as well as attending the larger well-being sessions Seran runs for many years. The school some years ago told me my daughter was so far behind she would likely never catch up, but thanks to Seran she is now achieving in all areas of the curriculum and even exceeding expectations in some areas. The progress both of my children have made academically with Seran is profound, and most importantly of all they enjoy their sessions so much and have developed such a strong relationship with Seran.

We love how Seran incorporates arts, yoga and generally taps in to their creative sides to develop their academics and emotional well-being/ resilience. Seran is an absolute master at all things academic/ well-being and nutrition related when is comes to children and I couldn’t possibly recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much for everything you have done Seran. We are beyond grateful that our paths crossed all those years ago.”

“Seran is such an engaging, gentle and fun teacher and my children aged 1-7 all loved her.

We have really enjoyed using the curriculum at home so far, there is such a variety of options so if one activity/lesson doesn’t work for us then there is definitely something else that will suit us. It covers all kinds of topics every month for example maths, english, art… as well as nutrition and mental wellbeing which are such important topics for kids to learn about and I’ve never come across a curriculum that does both of those things before.”

“What Happy Heathy Juniors and Seran have done for us is to open our eyes as to how valuable home schooling is. Seran identified that our son is way more advanced than the class he was placed in at his former (traditional) school.

He has learned so much more from homeschooling and when compared to his former school, the difference is truly shocking.

The idea of testing and memorising (as done in traditional schools) just does not work. A child develops better in a home schooling environment where real life lessons and experience are gained. Our son will never return to traditional schools as it is a waste of time and a waste of his education.

If you are considering homeschooling, then Seran is the best tutor you will find. Your child will experience true education and will outperform their peers in a traditional school hands down.”

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